In projects such as places to live in the limited area, Delphine Maumot, Interior designer, has always directed her work towards a search for well-being, comfort and harmony.

The profusion of light, color and life, create real spaces and escape are the guidelines in all its achievements. Graduated from ESAG (Paris), Delphine Maumot, has realized creations and collaborations across Europe before founding, in 2009, its own agency.

From London (Ian Simpson Office) to Basel (Jet Aviation), via Paris (Workshop Brenac and Gonzalez), she has expanded her range of know-how, focusing on modern materials and dynamic designs. She adapts to the client, his lifestyle, his behavior in space, the requirements of a professional world or private, or intimate functional.

Now it is in Paris that his agency intends to propose Delphine Maumot the organization and layout of your space to better experience the daily